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Dear Visitors 

My biggest problem with learning is my organizational skills; a matter of fact I don’t have any. When ever I have to do some sort of project weather it be an essay, a presentation, or just a simple test I just get lost. There’s so much information from text books, lectures, outside articles and the internet that everything gets all jumbled together and it’s hard for to pinpoint what’s important about a certain subjects. More importantly there are two sides to learning. The first side is pretty straight forward; it knowing the cold, hard facts; the who, what, when, and the where; that’s the easy part. On the other side however there is the how. This unlike the others is a much more difficult question because it can mean anything;” How does this person connect to that person?”” How did this event influence that event?”, and the granddaddy of them all:” What does this mean to you?” Now these may seem to be easy questions; in some situations this isn’t the case. If you’re not organized; you spend more time trying to find the answer than you actually do answering it because you have to look in 50,000 places and compare everything; going back and forth like that’s just a waste of time. This is the point of this website.

My goal for creating this website is to remedy the above situation. This past year in my History of British Lit class we (the class) have been studying some of the greatest British authors; the difficult part of that is not only do you have to know the author but you have to interpret not only what’s going on in a particular work but how the work represents the specific forms and styles of writing of the time and what the work says about the important people and events. What makes this difficult is that most times the works that you may be studying are from a hundred to even a thousand years in the past an in most situations there are certain events or incidents that occur that you cant relate to because the situation has know bearing on your life now or in the future and if you cant relate to something how could you possibly interpret it or the people of the time. If this is the case the only way to fully understand something is through the facts, but if you have to look at multiple sources it just makes things harder.

By making a website dedicated to one particular author or work one can avoid such a conundrum. By having one place to go to you don’t have to waste time looking in 50,000 places you can go to one source and get all the information you need. Now, this may help for some people but there are those who are fully capable of using multiple sources to interpret such ideas; however this site will only help them by giving another source for them to peruse and learn from. This is because not only will this site give straight forward information it will also contain my own ideas and interpretations that  in either case will hopefully help those who need it.For this website I will be delving into the works of the Neo-classical/Restoration poet John Dryden. Here I will examining not only the life of John Dryden but how his music; especially, “Alexander’s Feast” not only gives homage to St. Cecilia; the patron saint of music, but gives us a deeper look into the literary styles of the Neo-classical period and the political and ethical mechanisms of the time. Hopefully this site will not only help me better understand Dryden and the period, but help those who are also studying the same material. Hopefully this site will be used as a model for others so that anyone can go online and find exactly what the need with far less of a hassle by being clear, concise and organized.





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